Artist and Author Samara Anjelae

Angel Girl and the Hawk

The National Security Agency had a secret within a secret that only six presidents and a handful of generals knew about. Until now!

The NSA, dubbed the “No Such Agency,” created a division called Covert Operations, an elite group of undercover operatives: super-warriors and psychics. The agency was on the leading edge of integrating paranormal resources with top-secret assignments.  

Angel Girl and the Hawk follows the lives of two young recruits at the height of the Cold War. Sally Stone, a young psychic who speaks with angels and has Hollywood aspirations, and Winston Forester, a field agent with a genius IQ and physical skills of a professional athlete. When given the option—You can make money, or you can make a difference—both chose to make a difference. 

The two begin a romance in defiance of the agency’s no-dating policy. Their work is dangerous, and Winston finds a KGB nemesis in Vladimir Putin, who pursues a life-threatening vendetta against him. As they serve the NSA’s agenda, Winston and Sally’s disdain for evil, war, and politics grows as mysteries, secrets, and Divine healing are revealed. To survive, the two must use their special powers and master both the physical and the unseen world.

About Samara

Samara Anjelae is a renowned Spiritual Healer and Psychic-Medium, recognized as a leader in the field by the Windbridge Research Center and the University of Arizona’s Veritas program. Samara holds a master’s degree in English Literature and is an accomplished painter whose works are found in private collections throughout America and Europe. She is an award-winning author of several inspirational gift books. This is her first novel.

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